2022 Polk City Farmers Market Vendor Guidelines

The guidelines are designed to maintain a standard that will make the market enjoyable and profitable for all.
All vendors must follow these guidelines.
  • Licenses, permits, insurances: All vendors have sole responsibility for any and all necessary or required licenses, permits and insurance for their own business. Including all “State of Iowa” food vending licenses.
    Food Vendors, a copy of your 2022 Food Vendor or Farmers Market State of Iowa license must be on file with the Market Manager by the first market of the season.
  • Baked goods and food items: Vendors are required to follow Iowa Dept. of Agriculture Rules and Regulations, Code of Iowa for Food Licensing. Food preparation and Food Labeling and Packaging also must meet Code of Iowa Regulations. (See web links below for Farmers Market State of Iowa Requirements.)
  • Pricing and Taxes: Pricing of goods sold at the Market and any applicable taxes are the sole responsibility of the individual vendor.
  • Registration: All vendors must fill out and return registration form to the Market Manager
  • Fees: See Vendor Application checks payable to: PCCEDC
  • Space Allotted: Approximately 10x10 ft. with an “L” shaped configuration in location designated by “Market Manager”
    • If you need a bigger space, please clear with the Market Manager and you will be charged accordingly.
    • If you are a full time vendor (full time vendors are those vendors who have paid for and attended last year's market (10 or more nights) you will be able to keep your designated space, however the Market Manager reserves the right to move all vendors to fill open spaces so that Market has logical continuity and flow.
  • Weather: Because it’s very hard to predict the weather, the Market is rarely cancelled. It is the vendor’s responsibility to determine if the weather is permissible for them on any Market day. No vendor will be punished if they determine that they do not want to set up on any given night due to unpredictable weather.
    • If the Market Manager does have reason to cancel due to weather conditions, NOTIFICATION will be given on the Market facebook page
    • If you have any questions as to a potential cancellation please call/text the Market Manager listed below to confirm that a cancellation has been made.
  • Code of Conduct; Market Manager, Go Polk City staff or any Polk City Officials have the right to ask any Vendor or Customer to leave the Market due to disruptive or harmful conduct.

Any act of assault, abusive language, fighting and acting in an unprofessional manner would be considered disruptive and
harmful to the Market. Merchandise such as guns, knives, brass knuckles or explosives of any type are not
allowed to be sold or displayed in any manner.

Disclaimer: If any Vendor does damage to the Town Square they will be responsible for the restoration fees.

Contact admin@polkcitychamber.com

The following weblinks are guidelines only, they are not the sole source of Iowa Department of Agricultural Regulations for Farmers Markets

Farmers Market Vendor Payment

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24 for Season payment due 1st market Thursday.
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